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Pick of the Week: Prejean Maréchal Foch 2009

May 2012
Originally published in the Finger Lakes Times as part of my internship with the NY Wine and Culinary Center

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Why it’s worth trying: Don’t be fooled by the deep garnet color of the 2009 Maréchal Foch from Prejean Winery; this wine is surprisingly light and refreshing, due in part to the stainless steel fermentation. Although this wine would pair wonderfully with a meal, it is just as easily enjoyed on its own. This particular style of grape thrives in the Finger Lakes region and produces a high-quality wine that you are sure to love.

This wine is full bodied and has a fruit-forward bouquet, with an intriguing balance of smoky and savory notes. On the palate, there are prominent dark fruit flavors, with a slight vegetal touch. A hint of toasted spice at the finish, the tannins progress with each sip.

Prejean Winery, located in Penn Yan, was the dream of World War II veteran Jim Prejean. His dream came true when the first grapes were planted in 1979; the winery officially opened in 1986. All of the vines are hand tended and the harvest is hand picked, which is a testament to the care and attention given to the wines created.

Price: $11.99

Serving tips: In order to enjoy the smooth texture and full body of this particular wine, it should be served slightly below room temperature (about 60 to 65 degrees).

Food pairing: This wine would pair nicely with a simple meal — such as a wood-fired pizza — as the acidity would cut through the cheese, creating a perfect balance of flavors. Its higher pH also would make it a great companion to tomato-based sauces over pasta, or oven-roasted tomatoes sprinkled with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

You might also want to try: If you enjoyed this wine, you are sure to love the 2009 Maréchal Foch from Atwater Vineyards or the 2010 Leon Millot from Keuka Lake Vineyards.

Where to buy it: Prejean Winery in Penn Yan or the New York Wine and Culinary Center tasting room.