Outback in Town

December 2017
Originally published in the Improper Bostonian

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When Aussie-in-America comedian Jim Jefferies filmed his Netflix special at the Wilbur in 2014, he gave his outsider’s take on the nation’s gun control in a clip that has now gone viral (hint: he thinks it’s a mess). He’s perfected that raised-eyebrow, head-shaking tone of the disappointed older brother who just wants the best for you on his Comedy Central show, ending every social commentary-filled episode with his catchphrase: “Do better.” Political comedy for Jefferies doesn’t necessarily mean politically correct, though. His edgier bits can get quite raunchy, yet he always seems to get away with it—maybe it’s the accent. Do better and come get some tough love when Jefferies stops by the Wilbur during his Unusual Punishment tour on Dec. 29-31.